Custom prayer rug

Custom Prayer Rug
Craft your dream handmade prayer rug with Aabidah! Fill the following requirements out in an email.
Choose a Material: 100% premium mohair 
  • 100% premium sheep’s wool
Specify the Size: 
  • Specify your desired dimensions in cm or m.
Pick your Colours: 
  • Choose as many colours as you would like from the colour samples provided in the gallery.
Create a Design: 
  • Create a design that speaks to your heart. You can either send us a simple sketch of your vision or choose from our existing prayer rug designs, and we'll customize it with your selected colors.
  • Decide on your preferred weave style. Opt for a fine weave, similar to our other prayer mat collections, or choose a thicker yarn for added texture and comfort.



Below are the available wool and mohair colour samples for custom prayer rugs


Mohair Fabric Colour Samples

MOhair Fabric Colour Samples

Mohair Fabric Colour Samples